Missing apartment number

When the app thinks there should be an apartment or suite number but doesn’t recognize one in the address a page will pop up for you to review the shipping information. You will have the option to Force Address, Edit Address, or Email Customer and Skip.

Do not automatically email the customer. Take the following steps first.

  • Look at the address. Is there any indication in the address that would narrow the location down from the street address? If so, go ahead and Force Address. Here are some common indicators that the app will miss:
    • Using the # sign instead of “apt” or “ste”. Examples: #301, #2B, etc
    • Indicating a specific unit in a non-standard way. For instance: “Upper south unit”
    • Specifying a floor of a building (Second Floor, 49th Floor, etc)
    • Specifying a business name (Chivalrous Technologies, Happy Dance Games, etc)
  • If you’re still not sure if the address has enough information, find the order in Shipify on one of the customer service computers. Copy the address and paste it into Endicia, then click “Validate”. If Endicia accepted the address, it’s fine. Force Address.
  • If there is no apparent indication of where to deliver the package beyond the street address, Email Customer and Skip, make a note on the receipt the date and the fact that the customer has been emailed, then place the package with the other packages waiting for information.

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Missing apartment number

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