Address line too long

Our label printers only allow up to 30 characters on a single address line. Unfortunately, Shopify can’t catch this for us, so we have to adjust addresses manually when this happens.

Do not Email the Customer and Skip. Attempt to fix the problem.

  • Go to a customer service computer and find the order in Shipify.
  • Count the number of characters on the offending line.
  • Can the information be shaved down to 30 characters without losing any important information? If so, do so.
  • If there is too much important-looking information on that one line, attempt to transfer some of that information to a second line. (Note that international addresses can not be more than 5 lines long.)
  • If there is no obvious way to reduce the number of characters to an acceptable range, bring the package to Charlie, Laura, or Ryan and they will help you find a solution.

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Address line too long

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