Address 6 lines long

Addresses have a limit on the number of lines they can use, depending on where they’re going and how they’re getting there. The iPad app will specify the problem, though the most common one is that UPS First Class International is limited to 5 lines. Shopify won’t catch this problem, so you’ll have to edit the address manually.

Do not Email Customer and Skip. Attempt to fix the problem.

  • Go to a customer service computer and find the order in Shipify.
  • Did the customer use two separate lines for their name and company? If so, combine them like so: (COMPANY) c/o (CUSTOMER NAME)
  • Is there an apartment number on a separate line from the address? If so, attempt to combine them (note: the line must not exceed 30 characters): 123 ADDRESS ST APT 44B
  • If you can’t figure out a way to reduce the number of lines to the necessary amount, find Charlie, Laura, or Ryan and ask for assistance. They will help you to find a solution.

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Address 6 lines long

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